Conference Program

Sciences: Bio/Medical

Session Chairs: Prof. Nam-Joon Cho (Nanyang Technological University) and Prof. Hyun Soo Je (Duke-NUS)

Nanotechnology has ushered in a wave of innovations for society, impacting fields ranging from energy to healthcare. One of the greatest areas of development has been biomaterials, including engineered tissues, drug delivery systems and implantable devices. The focus of this session is Advanced Biomedical for Human Health, including fundamental and applied research covering top materials science research in medicine and biotechnology. The speakers in this session represent a cast of leading researchers working on advanced biomedical science and engineering field, and come from all across Asia and the world. By bringing together these top international researchers at AKC 2019, this session will highlight cuttting-edge research in the field and create new opportunities for translational science.


Sciences: Chemicals/Smart materials

Session Chair: Prof. Jong-Min Lee (Nanyang Technological University)

Chemicals are defined as any material or substance with a definite composition produced in bulk quantity for different applications such as producing medicine, fuels, polymers, building materials and various consumer goods. Continuous research and innovation in the field of basic chemical science, medical science and engineering result in new synthetic chemicals in day to day basis. Chemicals are generally derived from natural resources such as minerals resources, fossil resources or bio-resources. The efficiency of the process of producing useful chemicals from all the resource material is significant regarding bulk production. The chemicals are effecting human life for ages, however, the concept of smart matter is a very recent phenomenon. It was found that some material can change its physical state or alter its key material property by itself in reaction to any environmental stimulus. These materials are known as smart/intelligent material. The application of smart material is enormous especially in the field of robotics, medical field, automation and polymer industry etc. The focus of this session is the latest innovation and application in the field of new chemicals, smart material, and future aspects. The speakers in this session represent a cast of leading researchers working on advanced chemical, bioscience and engineering field, and come from all across Asia and the world. By bringing together these top international researchers at AKC 2019, this session will highlight cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of smart material and create new opportunities for translational science.


Engineering: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Session Chair: Prof. Tae Hyoung Kim (Nanyang Technological University)

Electrical and Electronic Engineering has transformed the world dramatically over the last few decades. Various areas such as semiconductor, information and communication, internet-of-things (IoTs), big data, and artificial intelligence (AI) are opening up next generation smart society. In this session, various state-of-the-art research works in the aforementioned areas will be shared to understand the current state and the future direction in electrical and electronic engineering.


Engineering: Energy and Environment

Session Chairs: Prof. Seok Woo Lee (Nanyang Technological University) and Prof. Dong Jun Kim (University of New South Wales)

Since the industrial revolution, energy has been key factor affecting our life, economy, and even the national security. In particular, global warming and pollution due to the overuse of fossil fuel for decades are threatening the sustainable civilization of human being and demanding the highly efficient energy conversion system or the usage of alternative energy sources. These topics include fundamental and applied research related to energy storage, harvesting, and conversion across science and engineering. This session will bring the world-leading researchers working in the energy and environmental science field in Singapore. It will be an opportunity to share the cutting-edge research in the field and create new collaborations.


Engineering: Smart Factory and Additive Manufacturing

Session Chairs: Prof. Hae-Jin Choi (Chung-Ang University) and Prof. Suk Won Cha (Seoul National University)

The Industry 4.0 concept in the manufacturing sector covers a wide range of applications from product design to manufacturing. In particular, the industries also want to explore new approaches and designs for smart factory using Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligent (AI), and Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies.  With the recent advances in materials and processes, AM technologies are evolving from prototyping to functional part fabrication for a broad range of applications. The AM-enabled design flexibility provides AM processes with great potential in customized product family development where both design commonality and diversity are desired to satisfy various customer requirements. This session at AKC2019 will introduce smart factory and AM concepts and various applications with the relevant technologies to support future industries.


Forum: Artificial Intelligent

Under the fourth industrial revolution, science and technology should guide the development of new life styles for the betterment of humanity by integrating diverse fields, such as neuroscience, artificial intelligent (AI), robotics, advanced materials, design, additive manufacturing, and digital twins.

In this AI Forum, presenters will present a basic theory of deep learning in the field of speech recognition, image processing and cyber security. A presenter will present a multilayer-learning neuromorphic system with analog-based multiplier-accumulator (MAC). After presentations, the 4 presenters will discuss future deep learning in their research area.

Panel list:

Prof Mira Park, University of Tasmania

Prof Dongseong Kim, The University of Queensland

Dr Bong-Keun Yoo

Dr Hyunwoo Son